Sound and Lighting

The Sound and Light are the ambiance setters. Sound and lighting are very important for each and every event, regardless of the size and venue. The ambiance can enhance the mood and improve the guest experience completely. The Smerk team being the best Sound and Lighting services, is more than happy to help you with all of the above and so much more.


The common perception seems to be, the more you spend on the sound the louder and size, it is going to be. Sound has future-proofed itself as the speakers are much smaller now and have a wider range. So, you don’t need tons of boxes for it to sound great. The sound can be big, even if the footprint is small. But not loud!

We at SMERK being an Experienced lighting & sound service company in Dubai, look at the program of events and the technical requirements of each presenter, act, or performer and spec a sound system that is suitable for the venue and audience size, moreover based on the acoustic modeling of facilities, so that there are no surprises.

Our expertise areas are Theatres | schools | churches | nightclubs etc.


Yes, Lighting will ultimately enhance the space of any venue!

Smerk team with their extensively specialized lighting engineers can and will instantly change the look and the atmosphere of the room. Even more so when you add a lighting desk and operator into the mix, apply magic, and make lights look great!

Lighting is not just about adding color though. It can be projection, it can be used to highlight areas of interest, it can be architectural, and be used to emphasize the venue itself. which is possible with Smerk Technologies.

We are pleased to present and offer you a fully custom-built theme. We can theme your platform to your branding requirements and offer a live interaction experience.

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